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Superette’s funhouse

Superette’s funhouse the vibrantly colored cannabis dispensary chain founded by Mimi Lam and Drummond Munro in 2019. Their Supermarket is thus transformed into a retro, pop art deli, their Sip ‘N’ Smoke is inspired by bodegas in express self-service mode, and their Annex plays on the nostalgia of classic Italian grocery stores.

The latter is one of three openings in 2022, representing the retail brand’s seventh location. The decor changes hues but not mindset: vintage fonts, a two-color checkerboard floor, displays of fake fruits and vegetables, but real products on the shelves (pre-rolled joints, water pipes, weed pouches, lighters, ashtrays, candles). Superette intends to destigmatize consumption with open and interactive stores that mimic supermarket shopping.

Nathalie Dassa