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The Prescription Cocktail Club: a cosmic, unique, hushed, and theatrical haven 

Looking like an artist’s entrance, the Prescription Cocktail Club is nestled at 23 rue Mazarine in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Here, you will enjoy tasting flowery cocktails after a busy day. These drinks, made with hibiscus or blueberry, are real bouquets of flowers. Step by step, the bar reveals itself as if by magic, hidden behind the DJ.

This muffled cocoon is draped with fabrics and upholstered walls. Like a theater, the intensity of the luminosity drops to give way to subdued lighting. The midnight blue sofas and purple cushions give cachet to the architecture of the bar. Moldings and mirrors run along the walls. Mirror-encrusted coffee tables reflect the deliciously colorful cocktails. The space propels you into another almost dreamlike dimension with its tarot & tequila workshops, its games of chance, its astro encounters and its Yiking initiations often used in therapy to achieve a better knowledge of oneself. Come and sip your dose of magic.

Flora di Carlo