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When TV series inspire millennials

If fashion was inspired by the street in the 1990s, thirty years later, it owes its success in the street to streaming platforms and TV series. The aesthetics of the latter are so exploited and explored that the interest aroused can sometimes exceed that for the plot of the show itself. Euphoria, for example, a series produced by Drake, which earned Zendaya her first Emmy Award, has been a real source of inspiration for millennials (but not only!) in terms of makeup, nail art, and even outfits. It is also thanks to her that the Cristal eye trend has blossomed on social networks, which consists of reviving the eyes with an unparalleled shine by sticking rhinestones here and there in the manner of Doniella Davy, the show’s resident makeup artist.

You can also enhance your claws by following the stunning creations of Natalie Minerva, a nail artist also working on the series. On the Netflix side, we flirt with the romantic atmosphere of The Bridgerton Chronicle, under the hashtag “cottagecore,” where the picnics find their aesthetic of yesteryear. The fast fashion brand Stradivarius even went so far as to release a capsule collection in collaboration with the soap opera. And if there’s one company that owes the cult: Emily in Paris, a real craze for its Numéro Huit bag in a “fresh almond” shade, it’s Polène, which is now the most popular bag brand among young girls. A question remains: for a series to work, must it now bet big on its aesthetic dimension?

Cheynnes Tlili