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Marcel Ravin: from the Caribbean to Monaco

At the sumptuous Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, the chef of the Blue Bay restaurant serves an innovative and exotic cuisine that has won over the Michelin Guide for a second time.

Awarded a second star last March, Chef Marcel Ravin invites you to travel with his cuisine. Based in the Principality, where he has excelled as executive chef of the sublime Blue Bay at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort since its opening in 2005, he presents a Caribbean-influenced cuisine that earned him his first star ten years later. Born in Martinique, Marcel Ravin moved to France at the age of 17 to begin his career as a future chef. From the east of France to Brussels, he draws his culinary inspiration from mixtures, travels, and flavors from here and elsewhere. He, who sees culinary creation as a universal marriage, manages to create an almost unprecedented alliance between Martinique and gastronomy.

To do this, he calls upon his “mental palate” – in other words: his gustatory memory – which allows him to draw on both his childhood and tourist memories and thus gives birth to dishes that carry his personal history, such as his Monte Carlo egg with manioc and truffles or his veal cheek with tamarind, which take us directly to the Antilles. A resolutely contemporary chef, the green aspect is not neglected in his cooking, where the vegetables come from his organic garden in Monaco or from markets around the world, and where seasonality is also a value that he holds dear. Delicate, precise, studied, the chef’s gesture gives his cooking a dimension that is both structured and lively. “I don’t sell dreams, I give pleasure. This goes hand in hand with a high level of self-demand: in love, you never want to disappoint,” confided Marcel Ravin at the end of his second consecration. But one thing is certain: at the Blue Bay, the stopover will never disappoint!

Cheynnes Tlili