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 Luteca. When Mexican design comes to Paris

While the focus is on Italian and Scandinavian design, Luteca has fallen in love with the Mexican and Latin American scene. Since its inception in 2015 in New York, the gallery has confirmed the richness of this still-undiscovered artistic sphere. A publisher of furniture designed by great masters of the 20th century, the company surrounds itself with the talents of tomorrow to produce unique pieces inspired by the architectural heritage of these countries. Chairs and tables are born, resolutely modern and in keeping with the local culture. The shapes, the materials, the techniques. Each creative step is impregnated with the Mexican and Latin American heritage and know-how. Seven years after its meteoric rise in the United States, Luteca has set up shop on the old continent. In Paris, in the Bourse district, the showroom took shape thanks to the architect Aure Delaroiere. Sunny and with a focus on raw materials and craftsmanship, the space is a true journey to the New World. 

Paris showroom
7, rue de la Banque 
75002 Paris

Louise Conesa