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Photographic poetry

Damian Noszkowicz unveiled his new project, “GOSSOMER,” during an exhibition held in the former loft of Andréé Putman in Paris: images and words that testify to his journey from Poland to Paris and his emotional memories. In 2020, when the world stopped, Damian Noszkowicz took advantage of the time, free to go through his personal archives, between photographs and poems written since the age of 13. Immersed in his memories, the half-angel, half-poet artist rewrote his history and discovered a mysterious mirror game between his two artistic worlds.

This is how “GOSSAMER” was born, a book that expresses, through 150 photos and 43 poems, the emotion inspired by the beauty of the male body, the austerity of Icelandic landscapes, the images of Poland, and his special moments in Paris. Damian Noszkowicz delivers a personal object, a true exposure marked by spirituality, fragility, and sincerity. Definitely an artist to follow.

GOSSOMER, photos and poems by Damian Noszkowicz

Mélissa Burckel