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Like at home at Petit Pierre

Each plate is a unique creation. When you decide to opt for the four- or six-course tasting menus, you give carte blanche to chef Pierre Augé, who has a star on his record and won the famous Top Chef culinary competition (2014). A creative bias that he proudly displays on his menu with “I do what I want” and “Shut up and let me do it.” Yes, this is how the chef puts his guests on the track of what happens on the plate. And if the man, nicknamed Petit Pierre (since Pierre was his father), allows himself this zeal, it is because he has forged a reputation as an outstanding cook. He, who comes from a family of artisan butchers and delicatessens, has worked his way through many prestigious establishments, such as Éric Frechon’s and Pierre Gagnaire’s British restaurant, Sketch.

Before returning in 2010 to his native Béziers, he bought his father’s restaurant (which was an extension of his butcher-caterer business) and renamed it La Maison de Petit Pierre. In his kitchen, Occitania is king. The fish? Mediterranean, caught in Valras-Plage. The meat? Catalan, straight from Perpignan. The seafood? Obviously from the Etang de Thau. And the vegetables? Of course, made in Béziers! Not to mention that as an unconditional lover of his land, Pierre Augé practices the trendy discipline of zero waste. A stopover that will be tasty, but also touching because the walls of his restaurant contain a family history, the love of a land, and the achievements of a talented man. 

La Maison de Petit Pierre

22 Avenue Pierre Verdier

34500 Béziers

Cheynnes Tlili