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Architectural fictions

Playing with the confusion of content and form, support and painting, like Daniel Buren, whose student he was, Krijn de Koning (born in 1963 in Amsterdam) transforms public space into pictorial space. Sometimes drowned under swathes of bright colors, transformed into colored surfaces, sometimes colonized by modular structures – Farbenstrukturen (colored structures) -, architectural spaces dissolve: a strange pictorial and sculptural contamination in the architectural field, but also sometimes in parks and urban space, as visitors to the next Voyage à Nantes (July 2 to September 11) will see. Confining to the absurd in a clever game of inversions, displacements and confusions (between empty and full, inside and outside, reality and fiction), the labyrinthine structures cutting the space into interlocking volumes of the Dutch artist lead to a double experimentation: that of the power of amplification (of perception and emotions) and abstraction (by the erasure, the burial of forms) of color, and that of the mise en abyme (of architecture in architecture, of the cube in the cube), blurring the boundaries between the real and the virtual.

Stéphanie Dulout