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VINCENT LEROY : Anamorphoses

Trained in industrial design at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris, Vincent Leroy has given design a spectacular, monumental dimension that has made him so successful. His latest work, displayed in the windows of Yves Saint Laurent boutiques around the world, speaks volumes about his work at the crossroads of art, architecture, and design: motorized kaleidoscopic sculptures that multiply reality in their prismatic reflections. At the foundation of his plastic research, which he himself defines as an oscillation between the real and the virtual, the natural and the artificial, this hybridity has taken shape, from kinetic sculptures to immersive installations, and monumental works, in movement, his primary material. Ripples, reflections, vibrations, rotations, anamorphoses… floating lines and bodies in luminous and shimmering fields, giant suspended bubbles (in the amphitheater of Bryce Canyon in 2020), parading on the flowerbeds of the Château de Versailles (Big Bubbles, 2007) in a swirling halo (Arles, 2020), his glass mobiles and inflatables plunge us into another dimension, light and fluctuating, dreamlike and contemplative, of space and time.

Artist’s website:
Instagram: @vincent_leroy_studio

Stéphanie Dulout