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Is the NFT a danger to copyright ?

What is NFT? A non-fungible token is a token that represents an object or a digital work that cannot be exchanged. It is a token that represents a non-interchangeable digital object or work. American artist Mason Rothschild designed the MetaBirkins models as a tribute to the iconic Birkin bag created in 1984. According to the Financial Times, the famous luxury house has filed a complaint for infringement of its brand image and the concept of intellectual property. Sales have already generated more than $800,000 in profits on OpenSea. The artist, meanwhile, defends himself in a statement posted on his Instagram account: “The first amendment of the constitution gives me the right to make and sell art depicting Birkin bags, just as Andy Warhol had the right to create and sell art depicting Campbell’s soup cans.” As the year begins, NFTs are all the rage, but do they pose a danger to copyright?

Flora Di Carlo