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Ecotourism or when green travel becomes hype

What if traveling green made getting away even more attractive? Perched cabins, ecolodges or ecological villas … all these green accommodations have, in addition to being eco-responsible, a power of seduction that is growing year after year. From the verdant nature of Costa Rica, to the heart of Utah, to Tanzania, the getaway is invigorating for both humans and the planet!

Faru Faru Luxury Lodge & Safari in Tanzania 

Almost melted into the luxuriant nature of Tanzania, this eco-escape has been erected in perfect harmony. The most important point of ecotourism is to never distort the destination. Go even further and propose activities that highlight its environment and preserve the wildlife. The Singita hotel group takes to heart its local customs, with safaris and jungle trekking, as well as its environmental values by offering an innovative eco-designed lodge. Beyond a breathtaking view of the site’s nature reserve and its architecture, open to the outside world, the Faru Faru Luxury Lodge & Safari hotel has been in the race for the smallest carbon footprint since last August, offering its guests carbon offsetting fees.

Cheynnes Tlili