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At Mugaritz, a high-flying gastronomic experience 

As much a chef as a creator, the Basque Andoni Luis Aduriz delivers a colorful and flavorful cuisine at Mugaritz, a two-starred restaurant on the border between France and Spain. 

A short distance from San Sebastian is a culinary laboratory like few others in the world: since 1998, the Basque Andoni Luis Aduriz has been putting his genius to the test every day by imagining dishes never seen elsewhere. Often summed up in his impressive trompe-l’oeil, as real as life, his cuisine goes beyond the traditional “restaurant”, a word he banishes from his repertoire. The Mugaritz is closed four months a year so that the teams can devote themselves entirely to creativity! In all, 70 people of more than 20 nationalities, from Indonesia to Peru, Italy, Lebanon, and South Korea, are working behind the scenes, not only as cooks but also as historians, botanists, and chemists. At the heart of the Mugaritz philosophy? Multidisciplinary research and development, to awaken the spirits of those who come to eat there… sometimes without cutlery! Gastronomic but not stuffy, this avant-garde table allows you to see things with a new eye, like tasting the now classic “rotten apple,” made from fermented apple, or the “stale bread,” made from brioche bread and Penicillium roqueforti. Not to spoil anything, the tasting takes place in the middle of nature, in a decor without embellishments of raw wood and long white tablecloths, as if to concentrate on the essential: the plate. 

The Mugaritz

Aldura Gunea Aldea, 20

20100 Errenteria, Gipuzkoa, Spain

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