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Lionel Potin: the man of the sands

His Instagram account soothes far more than a detox. Beige, sand, softness. A cocoon that he transposes with perfection in his art. Lionel Potin, after spending twelve years working in the fashion industry, has turned into a true artist in the space of a few months. His trademark? The textured sand that he integrates into his paintings, giving them relief while keeping a natural approach and a feeling of escape. He confided in an interview for the InsideCloset blog, last April, that he naturally turned to interior design, highlighting his close ties with fashion. This is how he presents pieces where the border between simplicity and sophistication is thin. The perfect mix and match of success. Lately, he has embarked on another creation, this time immersive, where he has covered the entire interior of his studio with aluminum. A gesture that may seem simple at first, but which gives life to an installation as complex as it is dazzling.

Lionel Potin

Cheynnes Tlili