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Brodie Neill reenchants furniture

Although the studio of Brodie Neill is now in London, he has never forgotten that he was born in Tasmania. His latest creation, the aptly named ReCoil table, evokes a return to his roots, as well as the coils of wood of which it is composed. The material carries the very identity of the Australian island, the wood collected by the Hydrowood company from a forest engulfed by the waters of a hydroelectric dam in the 1980s. The designer thus continues his approach of highlighting neglected materials and his reflection on the respect of natural resources. Here he gives a second life to the trunks of six local species – Huon pine, Tasmanian oak, celery pine, sassafras, myrtle and blackwood mimosa – cut into veneers and rolled by hand to form colored rings evocative of a tree’s growth. An invitation to reconnect with nature.

Brodie Neill

Sophie Reyssat