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In the 9th arrondissement of Paris, Perception, the first table of Korean chef Sukwon Yong, has all the makings of a gourmet restaurant, with original recipes and an impeccable mastery of flavors.

Perception is open for lunch and dinner, but it was at lunchtime that we fell in love with this new Franco-Korean enterprise, with two options at 29 euros (starter/main course or main course/dessert) and 35 euros (starter/main course/dessert). As soon as we arrived, we noticed the teams working happily in the kitchen, around the chef, Sukwon Yong, who worked in the kitchens of William Ledeuil. In the dining room, the service is overseen by Barnabé Lahaye, former manager of the Maison Rostang, who is also responsible for the particularly well-chosen playlist that will accompany us throughout the meal. Even before tasting, our senses are titillated by the soy onion puree, mirin glazed onions, watercress coulis, croutons and parmesan, as well as by the potato and haddock mousse with baked beets and salmon roe – two meticulously prepared and perfectly seasoned dishes. The chef’s signature dish is nothing less than cabbage stuffed with tofu, spinach and shitake, topped with homemade kimchi and dashi broth, a concentrate of umami. To land softly after this gustatory journey, we don’t forget the dessert, with a deconstructed chocolate pie and its soy milk sorbet.


53 Blanche Street

75 009 Paris

Delphine Le Feuvre