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“Eminente” take-off for Cuba!

Setting sailfor the Caribbean with the smallest carbon footprint is now possible, or almost. Until December 12, the Hotel Monté Cristo in the fifth arrondissement is hosting the new Eminente rum brand and has been transformed into a Cuban hotel for the occasion. Here, the senses are awakened. As soon as you enter, perfume diffusers reminiscent of the scents of a market blend the notes of Eminente with those of cane sugar. At the bar, 1802, already renowned for its wide range of rums, mixologist Adrian Nino has created five Caribbean cocktails. The discovery of the island’s flavors continues at the table. Chef Annabelle Cantarero, a graduate of the Ferrandi Institute and owner of the Finca Tungasuk ecological farm, has travelled from Cuba to offer a cuisine that combines tradition and modernity. Perfect egg and chimichurri, gambas flambéed with Eminente, and the inevitable rum baba are on the menu of this island escapade. A “noche Cubana,” the name of the offer, includes, in addition to a night for two people: breakfast and dinner, a tasting and a cocktail, forty-five minutes in the swimming pool of the hotel and, of course, a bottle of Eminente Reserva.

Hôtel Eminente
20, rue Pascal, 75005 Paris

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Réservation via Staycation.

By Cheynnes Tlili