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Disconnecting in the mountains at the Vonezins Farm

It is on the mountainside, in a Haut-Savoyard chalet above the Thônes Valley, that Philippe Carteron welcomes his guests to the Vonezins Farm, which is both a hotel and a mountain restaurant. This big-hearted hedonist has spent several years renovating a building dating back to 1787, to transform it into a comfortable inn. A lover of the land, he delights visitors with his rustic family recipes, such as the traditional farçon, small hot pies with preserved lemon and winegrower’s sauce, pike quenelles from the lake, not forgetting incredible sweets such as bugnes, bricelets, and the unmissable clafoutis with forest fruits.

La Ferme des Vônezins
5207, route de Glapigny, 74230 Thônes

by Delphine Le Feuvre

Ferme des Vônezins