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Gaelle Dechery : The Art of Collage

Gaelle Dechery is a photographer and visual artist who deals with themes such as identity, imagination, and memory. There is in her work a desire for detachment from reality.

After studying applied arts and a degree in photography, Gaelle Dechery discovered the practice of collage, which offered her unlimited possibilities to create increasingly surreal images from her own photographs that shake us up, challenge and surprise us.

Photo-collage is, for this young artist, a way to stage images in a humorous, offbeat, and poetic way “Sort of self-portraits, I build them through fashion photography, painting and digital manipulation, multiplying techniques with the aim of getting further and further away from reality.”

She animates bodies, distorts them, mishandles them or sublimates them to tell stories, memories, experiences, thus transforming thought into matter and the word into flesh.

Gaelle Dechery is a finalist for the Picto Prize for Fashion Photography 2021.

By Mélissa Burckel