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The phantasmal bodies of Clément Louis

I would define my art as an exploration of intimate portraiture,” explains Clément Louis, 31 years old, with twenty oil paintings and numerous drawings to his credit. B Boredom, sadness, sexuality, and the queer community inspire him. Transcended by Egon Schiele during a trip to Vienna, he who had entered the art world through fashion photography has blossomed since the confinement with his paintings, which he describes as “figurative and openly gay.” Under the spell of the expressionists and other artists, such as Lucian Freud, Alice Neel and Bernard Buffet, he also confides that he was captivated by the works of Van Gogh and Toulouse Lautrec. Thus, his art wanders between realism, lewdness and contemporary codes by integrating Instagram and Tinder in his works. Exploring bodies, relationships, encounters, the young artist from the north of France has only one wish: to continue painting. Endowed with so much talent, the opposite would be surprising.


Find Clement Louis on Instagram @clementlouis

What interests me in art and more particularly in portraiture is the intimate connection and the fantasy that is created between the viewer and the painting.


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By Cheynnes Tlili

Les corps fantasmés de Clément Louis