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Title: Lily of the Valley, a feat designed by Phillipe Starck

It only took two seasons for the hotel in the Var region to become a favorite place where well-being is combined with relaxation. A well-kept secret that the famous designer handles to perfection.

Philippe Starck’s signature designs are always a success. From Brach at 9Confidentiel in Paris to La Co(o)rniche at Pyla-sur-Mer, the world-famous architect is exporting his distinctive aesthetic. The Lily of the Valley hotel, his first creation on the Côte d’Azur, joins this fine list of achievements. Nestled in the lush greenery of Cap Lardier, near Saint-Tropez, this complex, which will be built in the summer of 2019 combines well-being and nature, because for Starck “creation must invest in an environment without upsetting it.” ere, the maxim was brilliantly respected. Directly inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon, the facades blend into the vegetation, and the view plunges into the sea. An idyllic setting that has quickly made the establishment one of the region’s must-see places.

Not forgetting its “healthy” promise: offering a tailor-made program (detox, smoking cessation, slimming cure, sports classes), the hotel puts coaches, dieticians, and therapists at the disposal of its guests. And this is undoubtedly what will contribute to its prosperity at a time when health and well-being have become a priority. Gone are the days of overindulgent holidays: the success of fine establishments now lies in the support they provide to their guests.

By Cheynnes Tlili