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On a double page, breasts become deformed, flowers merge into viscera, a light evaporates from an extract of skin… With her second book,Mise en pièces,Lucile Boiron filters the body through the deforming mirror of her lens. Close-ups, powdery atmosphere, contrasts, and colored lights… Both repulsive and attractive, her images are above all sensorial. It is the scopic pleasure that she stirs up and tames. By bringing together self-portraits made during the first confinement and images made in operating theatres, Lucile Boiron tells us straightforwardly: it is herself that she dissects in a form of cathartic transfiguration. She offers us a look at existence that is as pitiless as it is loving.

Lucile Boiron, Mise en pièces, Art Paper Editions, 2021
1re édition de 500 exemplaires

by Ana Bordenave