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Interview Inspiration #2: A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson’s: Meeting with the new masters of textured papers

By Melissa Burckel, curator and artistic director

“What we liked above all in the dominated paper, it was the alliance between an old know-how and the modernity of the motives of the time”.

I discovered the brand “À Paris chez Antoinette Poisson” at a friend’s, a collector of notebooks made of textured paper by this Parisian publisher. An expertise dating back to the 18th century and brought up to date by Vincent Farelly and Jean-Baptiste Martin who revived textured paper by paying homage to the Marquise de Pompadour, born Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson. It is by going to meet these two passionate people in their boutique-workshop of the 11th district that I had the privilege to discover a majestic case in which they make the forgotten ancestor of wallpaper and many other wonders…


Mélissa Burckel: Hello, Vincent, how are you?

Vincent Farelly: Quite well, given the circumstances…


Three words to describe what we have been living since March 18, 2020?

It will be three words to describe our emotions during the first confinement: Parenthesis – Resource – Creation.

We were fortunate enough to be confined in the countryside and we took the time to create the motifs for our three new fragrances, a brand new project that was born in October 2020.


In 2012, you created the boutique-workshop ” À Paris chez Antoinette Poisson ” specialized in textured paper, the forgotten ancestor of today’s wallpaper. What made you want to bring this ancestral expertise back?

We have always had a real attachment to French heritage and ancient traditions, which very quickly influenced our training.

We then began our professional career in heritage restoration and, more precisely, graphic arts.

It was on the construction site of a historic house in Auvergne that we discovered fragments of paper texturing under several layers of wallpaper accumulated over the centuries.

What we liked above all in textured paper was the alliance between an ancient expertise and the modernity of the motifs of the time. Moreover, the material used to make textured paper is an art object in itself: created from rags, its texture becomes unique, precious, timeless…


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