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Portrait of an artist #5 : Julien Ribot

A 1995 graduate of the École supérieure d’arts graphiques Penninghen, Julien Ribot navigates between a career as a visual artist and a musician. After composing four albums,  working with a symphonic orchestra and a choir, and creating the theater piece “Son Penning hen” with Nicolas Maury (played at the Avignon Festival and at the Fondation Cartier in 2013), Julien Ribot has turned to the creation of performances that he calls “Films-Experiences,” mixing experimental animation film and live music: creations for the Nuits Blanches in Paris in 2015 and 2016, MAMAC in 2017 for the opening of the European Short Film Festival in Nice, and at the Villa Médicis in 2018 for the “Villa Aperta” festival.

It is thanks to a song that Julien Ribot produced in 2008 that I discovered him: “La chambre renversée,” from the album “Vega”. This sweet, melancholic and poetic lullaby was exactly what I needed in the somewhat chaotic aftermath of the holidays.

In this interview, my interest was focused on one project in particular, (SIC) IDEM, realized during the Villa Aperta festival, 2018, and, more precisely, on the different steps of its creative process. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn more about his point of view as an artist during the creation of this fantastic carte blanche, co-realized with his partner, Annabelle Jouot.