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Interview Inspiration #1 : Julia Rouzaud, founder of Goodmoods

by Mélissa Burckel, artistic director and curator

Goodmoods is a media and style agency that analyzes today’s and tomorrow’s trends, selects the most beautiful objects of the moment and dialogues with a community of creative people : decorators, designers, art directors, influencers… With Goodmoods launching a new collection of objects, “Goodmoods Editions,” this is an excellent opportunity for me to talk to its founder, Julia Rouzaud, and learn more about this inspiring business.

Mélissa Burckel : Hello, Julia, how are you ?

Julia Rouzaud : Hello, Mélissa ! I’m very well, thank you, especially since we just launched our website (, which I’ve been working on for months, so I’m relieved !

Three words to describe what we’ve been living since March 18th ?

Humanity, confusing, stimulating.

A few years ago, you created a trend magazine that has become a creative agency as well. Where did this idea come from ?

I am curious by nature, and I am sensitive to the world around me. I started to shop online a lot, but the choice was limited five years ago, and Pinterest didn’t offer shoppable products. Hence the idea of offering a magazine designed as a trend book that brings together inspiration and curation. 

 How do you stay one step ahead of others ?

I’m always on the alert, whether it’s at trade shows and boutiques, in the press or on Instagram. The key is to filter the information and do curation among the curation you love! We also call on contributors (journalists, stylists) who offer another point of view in their style or field. Finally, we address trendsetters, personalities who are inspiring by their backgrounds, whom we interview every week and who also feed Goodmoods with their achievements and ideas.

Do you collaborate with international “experts” who inform you about different societal trends ?

We closely follow the media, especially the American, English, Australian and Italian media.

 Since March, we have been going through a difficult period and, as incredible as it may seem, the 2020 trends are focused on absolute comfort, enveloping materials… You have also created the “Comfort Zone” theme on your Goodmoods platform, where you can see the return of quilting, softened shades and fluffy aspects. It’s as if trend experts had detected the arrival of a complex period before anyone else. Is this the case ?

Yes, it’s true that this theme of comfort has been recurring for two to three years now : concern about the future of our planet or terrorism began long before COVID-19. This protective bubble theme developed by Comfort Zone sees the home as both an island of comfort and a 2.0 confinement in which everyone puts themselves by choice, as opposed to the confinement that is imposed !


According to you, which is the first sector to set the trend : fashion, design or architecture ? 

The first vector is often societal ! It’s current events that inspire artists and creators : in response to events, they offer a point of view or interpretation, or they respond to a need, like designers and architects. The equation “a problem-solution,” or the notion of constraint, feeds the best ideas and inspirations. 

 Does your research extend to other modes of artistic expression, such as film, literature or theater ?

It is fundamental to look for inspiration in culture, because it nourishes the collective imagination and therefore the air of the times. If it is true that yesterday these benchmarks were still specific to each country and each culture, they are today shared on a wider scale. What could be more inspiring than a film with Louis de Funès or a film by Jacques Tati or Fellini !


Some personalities who have chosen a unique style, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Agnès B. or Matali Crasset, however, also herald new trends… In the end, is the key to longevity to create one’s own style and stick to it ? 

Yes, without a doubt, the key is to be both identifiable and surprising every time ! People who manage to do this are also personalities who systematically renew themselves while maintaining a recognizable paste. 

 Which designers inspire you ?

Rising stars like David and Nicolas, Joris Poggioli, Emmanuel Simon, Fabrizio Casiraghi, Marcante Testa and Muller van Severen.

 What innovations have marked you most recently ?

We are working on a project for a lampstand/shade in 3D printing with the bold-design studio, with filaments loaded with waste from the wheat, coffee, mussel, scallop and oyster industries.