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Trone, the stylish toilet to be seen on

When, two years ago, Hugo Volpei announced that he wanted to revolutionize the experience of going to the bathroom by making the toilet an object of desire, he left his interlocutors stunned.

But the vision has become a reality, and the twenty-seven-year-old HEC alumni, along with two architects and an engineer, raised 2 million euros to realize the dream, bringing together investors such as Xavier Niel, Thibaud Elzière, and Frédéric Jousset. Ultra-design, bright colors, refined materials … today, as promised, Trone reinvents the toilet to make it an aesthetic experience. Now equipping hotels and trendy restaurants, like La Felicità at Station F, these customizable toilets can just as readily complement the décor of a chalet as that of a jungle. You have been warned: Trone users may linger there and make you wait!