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Mario Picardo, between town planning and comic strips at the Guido Romero Pierini – Michael Timsit Gallery

After the success of the “So Close” exhibition, the painter Mario Picardo returns to the Guido Romero Pierini – Michael Timsit Gallery. The Chilean-born artist, a graduate of the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris, presents a series of paintings on canvas created this year at the Joseph-Chapon Gallery in a 360° virtual exhibition.

Mario Picardo’s work is inhabited by his passion for comic strips and animated films. His paintings are inspired by his family memories and the cartoons he loved to watch as a child, such as “Saludos Amigos,” which was very popular in Argentina. Nourished by American expressionist abstraction and pop culture, Mario Picardo’s lively gestures reflect his appetite for color, movement and drawing, and question the viewer through the tensions between abstraction and figurative forms.


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