MY SIZE ID, custom fitting 2.0


You love online shopping but hate having to guess what size you have to buy based on the brands? Then the My Size ID application is for you!

Angell Bike, “the smart e-bike” city changer


Imagined by Marc Simoncini (Meetic, Heroïn …) and Jules Trecco, designed by Oraï-to, manufactured by SEB in Côte-d’Or, Angell reinvents the concept of the electric bicycle. Thanks to its technology, this “smart bike” can be adapted to the personalized use of each rider.

Nancy Baker Cahill, When augmented reality takes artistic experience beyond the gallery walls

Nancy baker Cahill work 4th app

American artist, Nancy Baker Cahill creates conceptual works in augmented reality. Her latest project, “Liberty Bell”, was unveiled simultaneously in six historical sites in the United States and questions the inclusion and place of art in institutions. A truly immersive experience, the project is accessible to everybody from a smartphone, which highlights how technology is […]

Shells, algae, mushrooms…: the new materials of tomorrow’s design

Marion Saignon Designer

At a time when environmental issues are at the heart of industrial and societal challenges, a new generation of designers is exploring new natural materials to evolve the properties of objects and their manufacturing processes. In their workshops, new materials created from organic or mineral elements are emerging as virtuous design pieces. These ecologically conscious […]

Chafik Gasmi, A designer between industry and poetry

His “Ying” armchair, which he designed with contemporary furniture designer Hugues Chevalier, is installed in the reception rooms of the Prime Minister in Matignon and has contributed to his fame in France and abroad. A multi-talented architect and industrial designer, Chafik Gasmi exercises his creativity in many fields; from furniture to retail design, from interior […]

The Villa Benkemoun : The solar harmony of the seventies

4 km away from the center of Arles there is a surprising white house with curves, ellipses and openings. Situated in a one hectare estate, this haven of peace, which for a long time remained private, has finally opened to the public since it has been restored. The Heritage Days will be an opportunity to […]