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Good On You, the application that empowers your wardrobe

It’s a reality: sustainable fashion is on the march and gaining ground. It is encouraged by brands and consumers who are attentive to environmental protection at every stage of the production circuit. However, it is difficult for consumers to find their way around the profusion of “green” labels. Here comes “Good On You,” an innovative application that assesses the level of ethical commitment of brands. It screens more than 2,000 fashion labels to help buyers make the right choice.

Acumen tells you more about the application supported by actress Emma Watson.

Good On You was born in 2015 in Australia. Its three co-founders, Sandra Capponi, Gordon Renouf and Fayçal Fassi-Fihri, started from a simple observation: People want to buy “better,” but have no tools to obtain information on brand behavior.

They have therefore created an application that classifies all the fashion brands according to ethical criteria. With a dual objective: to guide users by helping them choose clothes that conform to their values and to raise awareness in one of the most polluting industries. While congratulating brands that act for the environment.



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