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Good On You, the application that empowers your wardrobe

It’s a reality: sustainable fashion is on the march and gaining ground. It is encouraged by brands and consumers who are attentive to environmental protection at every stage of the production circuit. However, it is difficult for consumers to find their way around the profusion of “green” labels. Here comes “Good On You,” an innovative application that assesses the level of ethical commitment of brands. It screens more than 2,000 fashion labels to help buyers make the right choice.

Acumen tells you more about the application supported by actress Emma Watson.

Good On You was born in 2015 in Australia. Its three co-founders, Sandra Capponi, Gordon Renouf and Fayçal Fassi-Fihri, started from a simple observation: People want to buy “better,” but have no tools to obtain information on brand behavior.

They have therefore created an application that classifies all the fashion brands according to ethical criteria. With a dual objective: to guide users by helping them choose clothes that conform to their values and to raise awareness in one of the most polluting industries. While congratulating brands that act for the environment.


Emma Watson soutient good on you

“Every time we buy, we vote for the world we want to live in,” as Good On You points out.

With over 2,000 fashion labels, the application is the largest and most relevant database in existence today. Among the brands listed are giants such as Zara and H&M, but also labels that are much less well known. 

The application evaluates each brand according to three criteria: the working conditions of the employees, respect for the environment and respect for animals, giving a score ranging from Great to We avoid, It’s a Start and Not good enough. A commentary summarizes the commitments of each brand. To carry out its assessments, Good On You relies on NGO reports, systems of standards and certifications of various eco-labels (GOTS, OE 100, OE Blended, OEKO-TEX ®, REACH) as well as public statements made by the brands. When a brand gets a bad score, Good On You proposes ethical alternatives and offers many tips for responsible fashion through editorial articles. Among the best labels: Adidas, Stella McCartney and G-Star Raw.

Today, more than 600,000 users are connected each month through the application with subscribers whose numbers have exploded since Good On You was launched with the support of actress Emma Watson. A United Nations Women Ambassador, the actress is a long-time activist committed to environmental conservation and the defense of eco-responsible fashion. Because of her values and her struggles, Emma Watson was recently elected to the board of directors of Kering to promote the place of women and sustainable fashion, two strategic axes for the global luxury group, as underlined by its CEO François-Henri Pinault: 

“Emma Watson’s resolute action for gender equality, among others, through her role as United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador, as well as her commitment to environmental preservation, and in particular her defense of eco-responsible fashion, resonates very strongly with Kering’s values and struggles. The Good On You app is free: Consume better and ‘Make the change you want to see’ by downloading it!”

Good On You is available for free on AppStore and Google Play.

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