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Sustainable and Ethical brands to know

Since the health crisis, the design sector has been running in slow motion. This situation strongly impacted our relationship with clothes, objects, and forced us to apprehend them in a new way. There has been an overthrow, and the brands are forced to review the rules of the game and be more Sustainable and Ethical . Since the end  of the quarantine, consumers strongly question the foundations of the fashion sector, the permanent renewal of collections, and clothing sold in mass.

Galerie Joseph offers you its selection of sustainable and ethical brands that use their creativity  to encourage commitment to the animal and the environment cause. To offer a new way of consuming.

What was trendy a few months ago may not be trendy today. We buy clothes, accessories, design creations, which we quickly replace with others, and will surely turn to be neglected and replaced a few months later too.

It’s systematic, trends, collections, fashion shows, everything is going fast. Faced with the epidemic that the whole world has just experienced, there is a significant interest for greener consumption and production. So we looked at the ecological brands that do everything to make things happen.

 Helena Denize‘s stunning wooden bags

The brand presented its creations in one of the showrooms available for rental in the Haut Marais, at Galerie Joseph 78 Turenne in December 2019.

Bags in Jacaranda wood, practical, awesome, and timeless, with multiple elegant dimensions. Wood is the main material, an evidence for Helena Denize, who’s part of an approach that respects the environmental chain and is transparent.

Helena Denize is a stylist, she worked with Isabelle Marant, then at Maison Kitsuné. In 2019, she decided to create her own brand. Collections that celebrate authenticity, by giving fashion objects a soul, an aesthetic, and a new vision. While playing with organic materials to create new shapes, and colors of character. She combines craftsmanship and modernity by creating bags entirely carved by hand in Madagascar by craftsmen with unique techniques.

An eco-friendly brand, witch quality, traceability, style and ethics are exceptional.


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