The 5 most iconic design creations of all time

For the reopening of The Vintage Furniture store at 51 Turenne in the Haut-Marais in Paris. Galerie Joseph would like to present its selection of iconic creations that have made history in the world of design. From contemporary to retro style, the forms show over time new materials. Sometimes new colors, a way for these […]

SALON PRECO PARIS: Interview with Jean Marie Quenault

Discovery, Sharing and Passion! These are the words that come to mind when we think of the Salon Préco Paris. As this is one of the must Attended events of the year in the textile industry. Fabrics all over, and raw beauty that makes all the difference. The entire fashion sector is questnning their future […]

The Love of Art has no Limits for Ange Monnoyeur

Art is a mirror and it will keep saving the world.For Ange Monnoyeur, art is necessary to keep hope alive! And to thrill the emotions of those who contemplate the heterogeneous art works of the artists she represents. In 2019, she created Ange Monnoyeur Gallery to satisfy her desire to promote artists. To whom she […]