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Portrait of Gallery T&L

These last years, we have witnessed the transformation of the art market. Both from the point of view of artistic proposals and the dematerialization of the market itself. Parallel phenomenon, we notice the multiplication of traveling art galleries. Among which, Gallery T&L whose success is increasingly promising.

Galerie Joseph paints a portrait of this gallery, during an interview with Léopold Legros, one of the two founding members.

Passion above all

Léopold Legros likes to remember that he didn’t come from a family linked to the art world. He was made aware of classical culture from a very young age by his musician father who conducted a set of baroque music. An element that certainly played, he says, in his desire to undertake art studies at the Louvre School. A gateway to the art world.

The meeting with Tancrède Hertzog is at TEFAF in Maastricht, one of the most renowned art fairs in the world. From there comes a friendship first, which very quickly materializes through a common passion and a taste for business. The two young men decide to quickly set up a project which takes the form of a gallery.

“We believe that starting a business is also a human adventure, and we want to live it together.”

Opened in 2015, Gallery T&L has two art specializations: post-war art and contemporary art.
Truly passionate, the duo intends to revalue this prolific period of the 60s and 70s which they still consider too unjustly undervalued by institutions and the current market. It’s also in the interest of young galleries to quickly specialize in a specific field. This allows it to stand out on the market by erecting a benchmark model for amateurs.

Last exhibition in date “69 erotic year” “, from November 21 to December 7, 2019.
In the vast space of 24 rue Beaubourg, one watchword: to show not political commitment, but rather the movement for the liberation of morals and sexual liberation which followed May 68. On the program, fifty of works by French and international artists: Leonardo Cremonini, James Rosenquist, Ivan Messac, Jacques Monory, Evelyne Axell … Personalities of the pop art movement unjustly forgotten and revalued during this major exhibition.

Building on its success, in January 2020 the two gallery owners decided to continue the exhibition with a selection of the best pieces in the space : Prisme, 39 rue de Grenelle.