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Best movies to watch during quarantine

One and only watchword: Entertainment. We will not be bored, we will cultivate ourselves, and we will hasten to see the best movies that have captivated the history of cinema during quarantine.

Galerie Joseph offers rental spaces in the Haut Marais for showrooms, art, design and fashion exhibitions. Art is at the center of attention in our way of creating and offering atypical places to rent that resemble you.

Today Galerie Joseph shares with you his selection of the best movies to watch and review, if once not customary, during quarantine.
Between the masterpieces that make us travel to the end of the world. Then the classics of the beginning of the film industry, and especially the cinema and fashion relationship that inspire so many directors and creatives. On the point will not be bored.

Cinemas are closed. But that doesn’t mean beautiful images will never pass before your eyes again. That your eyes will no longer be amazed by the genius of certain actors. Because confinement will not last. On the contrary, in this time of artistic frustration, your knowledge of art and cinema goes beyond the limits of the impossible

Movies that will make you travel, because Paris is no longer a party.

It’s certain that many people think that staying at home is one of the most severe punishments they have faced. But it’s also an opportunity to refocus on yourself, and on the things that matter to us. Especially to re-do a film marathon that we never had time to watch.
Some films make us feel rejuvenated, others bring out our most isolated feelings. And some make us travel, in the space-time where everything is possible, where everything can go beyond the limits of imagination and creation.

To Japan: Lost in Translation (2003) – Sofia Coppola

Scarlett Johansson is sublime in this film. She plays Charlotte, a young woman who travels with her photographer husband to Tokyo. And who meets Bill Murray Aka Bob in the feature film, an actor in the midst of his midlife crisis. They develop an irreversible friendship while visiting the city, karaokes, Japanese restaurants, and temples that aspire these visitors to calm and spirituality. They fall in love and fall in love with one another in a city that dazzles with its strangeness and its mystery. It’s great.

To Italy, India, and Bali: Eat Pray Love (2010) – Ryan Murphy

Julia Roberts thrills us in her search for happiness and fullness.
She plays the role of Liz Gilbert, who decides to change her life. His career, his loves, his daily life are no longer enough for him. She decides to take courage tomorrow, and begins a year-long spiritual journey around the world. She savored Italian specialties in Rome, learned to meditate in India, and then took advantage of the present moment in Bali.

To New York: Do the Right Thing (1989) – Spike Lee.

The director advocates a reflection on race relations and police violence. The film takes place in one day, where the inhabitants of the district of Bedford Stuyvesant open cold beers on their steps and observe the frenzy of the streets of New York in summer.
Between the humor, the colorful characters, and then the soundtrack that marked its time. We quickly understand that the film revolves around bubbling and social tensions.

To Paris: Drôle de frimousse (1957) – Stanley Donen

You miss Paris, its streets, its Seine. We found the musical to reduce this shortcoming.
Kay Thompson is the editor of a fashion magazine and looking for a new face. With the help of a photographer, she discovered Jo, the great Audrey Hepburn, a young bookseller who agreed to become a model for them. All three find themselves propelled to Paris.
We sing, we dance there, and we spend a pleasant moment between shooting scenes at the Louvre, and walks in the Tuileries garden.

Some Like It Hot (1959) – Billy Wilder

A sparkling and tasty comedy challenges the boundaries of being and appearing. This is the story of two unemployed jazz musicians named Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) who will unintentionally witness a massacre perpetrated by a gang of gangsters. To escape the gangster they decide to disguise themselves as a woman and join a female orchestra in Florida. They fall in love with a lovely blonde named Alouette (Marilyn Monroe) a singer from the orchestra who wants to marry a billionaire.

We travel between dialogues and genre discourse, then stop for a moment on jazz music, including Marilyn’s song “I wanna be loved by you”.

In addition Galerie Joseph recently hosted an exhibition around the American star, “Divine Marilyn”. An exhibition that brings together the shots of the three biggest names in American photography who immortalized Marilyn Monroe: Sam Shaw, Milton Greene and Bert Stern. Sam Shaw, to whom we owe the legendary photo of Marilyn in a white dress on the subway entrance.
Thus, nearly 200 original photos and unpublished documents exhibited on the 850 m² of the Parisian gallery 116 Turenne. Located in the Marais, the gallery was a former industrial workshop which combines finesse, modernity, and classicism. An impressive glass roof makes this unusual place offered for rental an exceptional space.

Meilleur film à revoir: Breakfast at Tiffanys

Movies where fashion has made its mark

Behind each director there is a great creator.
Fashion and cinema are inseparable, Azzedine Alaia, Paco Rabanne, Givenchy, Chanel have all collaborated with the greatest directors. We can’t imagine big screenplays without the custom suits that go with it.

DIOR in the Grand Alibi (1950) – Alfred Hitchcock

The characters in Hitchcock’s films are the most elegant in film history.
Le Grand Alibi is a film noir with Marlene Dietrich. She warns the production that if there is no Dior there will be no Dietrich. This is how the German actress was seen wearing wasp-waist suits, tulle dresses, and feathers galore. Costumes created by the French designer, which go wonderfully to the actress accused of a monstrous crime.

Yves Saint Laurent in Belle de jour. (1967) – Louis Buñuel

Subversive costumes commensurate with the character embodied by Catherine Deneuve. She plays the role of Sévérine, bourgeois at home who turns into a prostitute. Between tambourine hats, a series of sensational coats, austere dresses and frills. Difficult not to want to mix between the leather lined with gray wool fur and black vinyl to see the sublime actress wearing the creations of Yves Saint Laurent.

Giorgio Armani in American Gigolo (1980) – Paul Schrader.

The Italian designer was at the start of his career when he was contacted to create the costumes for the film. Perfect cuts, aesthetically impeccable coats are worth the interest of the fashion industry. This allows him to get started and become one of the greatest creators in history. He has since produced costumes for actors like Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds. From Christian Bale in the Knight, or from Leonardo Dicaprio in Le loup de Wall street.
We will remember the image of Richard Gere in the film American Gigolo a cigarette at home. In addition to a belted coat on the back, which instantly defines Giorgio’s style.

Meilleurs films à revoir : Pierrot le fou

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