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Fashion Week showrooms – UK creators

The Fashion Week will end on March 3rd, and progressively leave the Parisian showrooms. After the menswear collections earlier this year, it’s now the womenswear that’s front and center. For a week, creators showcased their Fall/Winter 2020-2021 collections, turning the city of lights even brighter. The Galerie Joseph venues, located in the heart of the Marais, welcomed the creators all throughout the meeting. Here are three UK-based brands that showcased their works in our showrooms for the Paris Fashion Week.

Polly King & Co : the UK under the spotlight in our Fashion Week showrooms

Polly King & Co, fashion sales agency that carries the products of over 20 ready-to-wear clothing, accessories and lingerie, has based its philosophy around sustainable brand development. The brand is a true expert in the field, with locations in France, in the UK, in Germany, in Switzerland… For the Women’s Paris Fashion Week, Polly King & Co chose the 116 Turenne venue to exhibit its brands’ new collections. Here are two of them.

Olivia Rubin : en voir de toutes les couleurs

How to illustrate the radiant joy that a rainbow brings ? That’s easy : with an Olivia Rubin dress. The London-based brand, its lovely design and modern, feminine cuts, is at the 116 Turenne showroom for the Fashion Week. Whether it be the dresses (that manage to beautifully reconcile retro and modern looks) or the cardigans, the brand’s clothing never fail to chase clouds away. The prints are brightly colored, the sequins shine like so many stars, and the collections as a whole simply radiate happiness. After collaborating with prestigious houses such as Alexander McQueen, Dior and John Galliano, the brand now has a prominent place in the industry. Its new collections can be found at the 116 Turenne venue, offered for rent by Galerie Joseph.

It is located in a former workshop, which was fully renovated in 2013. This large, modern, minimalist space, moreover located in the Marais, has substantial appeal. It benefits from an ideal situation, in a neighborhood surrounded with many art galleries and designer boutiques. The total surface area is 850sqm, spread over two floors.

Les girls les boys : être bien dans sa peau

« Empower rather than define ». Those are the words that describe the British brand the best. With a wide array of lingerie and homewear styles for men and women, Les girls les boys plays with gender codes, with no care for arbitrary limits. The brand promotes inventiveness, diversity, and fluidity, with no constriction or filter. From the bed to the street, and everything in between, it advocates for comfort and personal expression, with sophisticated, soft, modern styles — both when it comes to colors and to the materials. Based in the UK and in Paris for the Fashion Week, the brand is showcasing its collections in one of our showrooms : the 116 Turenne.

This venue, one of the 20 offered for rent by Galerie Joseph in the Marais, benefits from an exceptional architecture. The former workshop stands out thanks to its combination of a rich history and the modernity of its interior design. Its location in the Marais, a busy neighborhood at the top of Paris trends, allow for excellent visibility — which is accentuated by its 5m long front window. 

fashion week uk showrooms Paris marais

Self portrait : Fashion Week showrooms made in UK

Transparent tulle, delicate lace, flamboyant frills : Self-portrait has it all, and for every occasion. By focusing on collections that are both elegant and easy to wear, the British brand stands out, with imaginative, refined designs. Like a true self-portrait, its collections emphasizes the originality and uniqueness of those that wear them. Those feminine cuts mix wonderfully with the layering of transparent details, giving an almost ethereal impression. The colors are bright, spring-like, creating an ensemble that seems straight out of a fairytale.

The brand is showcasing its new collection at the 49 Tournelles venue. It is an exceptional, atypical space with large front windows and an Empire-style ceiling 3,64m high. Located in a neighborhood known to be at the top of Paris arts trends, the venue is original, sophisticated, and adjustable. It is suitable for all fashion showrooms and events thanks to its large surface areas and its modern furnishing.

fashion week uk showrooms Paris marais

SIX London : the oh so British elegance has returned to Galerie Joseph

Having come to the 7 Froissart for the menswear Paris Fashion Week in January 2020, SIX London has once again returned. And its selection of brands are just as trendy and innovative. A true portfolio of footwear and accessories, the SIX London spirit stands out. We have selected two brands that, according to us, best represents that spirit.

Alexa Chung : both on stage and behind the scenes

In 2016, model and British it-girl Alexa Chung launched her eponymous line of products. A goldmine for her admirer, the brand consists of feminine ready-to-wear with a bright, “preppy” style. The perfect combination of New-Yorker and Parisian styles, with some British influence in-between. Alexa Chung manages to unite authenticity and simplicity with a rock’n roll touch, by getting inspiration from looks that seem straight out of the sixties. Jane Birkin, for instance, is one of her influences. Keen on patterns and romantic looks, Alexa Chung offers us a panel of prints chosen with care, that create vintage, feminine looks.

To uncover the model’s new collection, SIX London seizes the Galerie Joseph’s 7 Froissart showroom for the duration of the Fashion Week. Located in the Marais (neighborhood renowned for its art galleries and fashion/design showrooms), this former Napoleon III style workshop was completely renovated. The work was done in collaboration with a Japanese designer in a very raw, minimalist spirit. The venue has a surface area of approximately 300sqm, spread over 3 floors. Perfect for all those who enjoy fashion and innovation.

Martine Rose : subversive and bold

The London-based brand Martine Rose gets its inspiration from the 90’s rave and hip-hop trends. It showcases menswear wardrobe essentiels (jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters…) with innovative designs : oversize, baggy, draped or cut… The brand is profoundly avant-garde, playing with the notions of clacissism and urban modernity. It is therefore able to provide destructured looks, with layerings of colors, prints and patterns, all with a streetwear spirit. The particular care given to the Martine Rose clothes and shoes reveal an attention to detail and a pronounced stylistic touch.

The brand is at home at the 7 Froissart, between Saint Sébastien Froissart and Filles du Calvaire (5 minutes away from the metro). There, Galerie Joseph offers an ideal locations for exhibitions and pop-up stores. The 300sqm surface, spread over 3 floors with a minimalist style is a real advantage for brands. It indeed gives the possibility to create multiple universes while respecting the spirit and values of the brands.