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Paris Fashion Week showrooms – Italian creators

Even through the trials of winter, Paris keeps a pep in its step : the Fashion Week is still going, and brings along the new collections of the greatest creators. Following the Milan fashion shows that took place from February 18th to February 24th, houses from all over the world gather around a common goal in the city of lights : make women’s fashion sublime. Galerie Joseph, whose venues for rent are located in the heart of the Marais, is host to some of those houses. From February 24th to March 3rd, creators will meet to present their new 2020-2021 Fall/Winter women collections. Here are three Italian brands that will reveal their new creations in our Paris Fashion Week showrooms.

Italian creators’ showrooms for the Paris Fashion Week :

Isabel Benenato at the Showroom Tournelle

After showcasing her menswear collection earlier this year, Italian creator Isabel Benenato is back in Showroom Tournelle for the women’s Paris Fashion Week. There, and for the whole week, she will exhibit what she calls her “suits of armor”. Timeless clothing with straight cuts and intimidating silhouettes, that are neither rigid nor severe. With very distinct black and white contrasts, as well as rare but bold colors, the creator’s works seem to exist in a limbo space, a constant in-between. The bodies are widened by the large pieces, but never seem to be drowning in them. Isabel Benenato, as she artfully mixes shadows and mystery with the Neapolitan class that characterizes her work, brings something punk to the classic “armor”. Contrasts and opposites (which always attract) are the creator’s signature. They are what make her pieces unique, and recognizable amongst all others.

It is once again at the Showroom Tournelle that the brand will exhibit its collection during the Paris Fashion Week. The atypical building, which dates back from the first empire, has a large surface area of 115sqm, fitting perfectly for fashion showrooms and exhibitions. Its four double windows overlook a verdant courtyard, which provides great lighting to the room. That same courtyard is an exceptional asset to the venue, giving it its calm and pleasant atmosphere in the heart of the Marais, an internationally renowned arts district.

galerie joseph paris fashion week showrooms 2020 femmes

Marco Pero at the Open Space Tournelle

Amongst the Italian creators exhibiting their works in the Galerie Joseph venues this Paris Fashion Week, there is also Marco Pero. The online shopping brand will indeed showcase their products at the Open Space Tournelle. With a great variety of prices and styles, Marco Pero opts for simplicity and comfort. The brand offers clothes for men and women, accessories, as well as shoes, and considers customer service to be its greatest priority, in order for the buyer’s experience to be the most enjoyable it can be.

For the Paris Fashion Week, the clothing label picked the Open Space Tournelle as an exhibition space, in the heart of the Marais. Thanks to its ideal situation (it is indeed located at the angle of the very busy and trendy boulevard Beaumarchais and the rue de Tournelle), the venue trruly stands out. It benefits from the Marais’ unique atmosphere as a cultural district with international renown. Its architecture is also exceptional : the building dates back to the first empire, and benefits from a surface area of 115sqm. A verdant courtyard frames it,  a green oasis in the center of Paris.

The location is barely a few steps away from the Showroom Tournelle, another fashion showroom open for rent during the Paris Fashion Weeks.

galerie joseph paris fashion week showrooms 2020 femmes

Goti jewelry at 16 Perche

The Fashion Week continues under the theme of Italian expertise. Riccardo Goti‘s jewelry brand also returns to the 16 Perche Paris venue. The creator’s brand (which offers rings, pendants and bracelets, as well as a selection of perfumes with unisex fragrances) combines contrasts for the Fashion Week. It gives powerful, delicate sensuality to raw, metallic materials. With brio, it mixes the refined elegance of the pendants with the imposing weight of the signet rings, creating jewelry that is both sophisticated… And a little punk.

The 2020 Paris Fashion Week is the occasion for the Toscan brand to exhibit their new jewelry collection in their 16 Perche showroom. The 30sqm space, offered for rent by Galerie Joseph, is located in the center of the Parisian Marais. Its large front window overlooking the street helps it benefit from the neighborhood’s bustling activity, as well as its historical and architectural richness.

galerie joseph paris fashion week showrooms 2020 femmes

Galerie Joseph offers 20 locations for rent in the trendy Marais district, Paris. During the Fashion Week, a great variety of venues are available for rent for all your showrooms, exhibitions, and pop-up stores. They benefit not only from their excellent location, in the heart of a internationally renowned district… But also from atypical, exceptional architecture, and great historical richness. Over 20 Paris Fashion Week showrooms venues are available at Galerie Joseph. For more information, please visit our website.