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Première Vision Paris : an essential fashion event

Première Vision Paris is one of the world’s greatest event created by fashion professionals, for fashion professionals. For three days from February 11th, representatives of six major industry professions will gather for six exclusive trade shows. Over 1900 exhibitors committed to sustainable designing will be displaying their latest innovations. Galerie Joseph, owner and operator of over 20 locations for rent in Paris’ Marais, will be introducing this must-see event.

Première Vision Paris : thinking creatively

The trade show will be taking place at the Parc d’Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte, and was initiated by professionals, for professionals. Its objective is to showcase and highlight the latest fashion innovations on the market. Such concepts allow us to already envision the future of fashion.  

Inspiring meetings between professionals from different fields, pushing research and innovation forward… Première Vision is an endless source of inspiration for specialists. You will find the works of experimented entrepreneurs from areas such as yarns and threads (500 exhibitors), fabrics (800 exhibitors), leather and fur (over 300 exhibitors), designs (240 studios from 26 countries)… But also specialists of proximity manufacturing, of Asian-Pacific fashion sourcing… 

You will be able to directly meet pre-audited companies. The quality of their structures, production, and traceability are all controlled. More than a privileged meeting with hundreds of professionals, this is also an opportunity to discover the greatest fashion innovations.

Find out more about the Maison d’Exceptions project. It allows brands and designers to get in touch with workshops that specialize in traditional crafts, as well as innovative technology. This exceptional expertise, be it ancestral or contemporary, embodies one of the most important stakes of the fashion industry. Indeed, we are at the center of a great revolution, both technical and ecological. The progress we make today will shape tomorrow’s future.

2021 Spring-Summer trends will hold no secrets from you. With 12 fashion forums where the main materials, seminars… will be hosted, you will find out about the fabrics, accessories, shoes and colors of years to come. They will allow you to already consider the following years’ potential trends. The creative innovations of contemporary fashion will have the place of honor, but even more so, that of future fashion. With the many conferences, exhibitions, shows and seminars hosted by Première Vision, and after meeting with other professionals, you will leave more inspired than ever before. 

premiere vision paris marais fashion 2020 galerie joseph

An environmentally sound commitment

The future of fashion is decidedly green. Durability, just like innovation, has become one of the key concernes over the years. And it is not set to change any time soon. With platforms such as Smart Creation, Première Vision Paris aims to help create a more environmentally responsible industry.

A new generation of values is awakening, focused on technical progress and environmental engagement. Nowadays, sitting on assets with no consideration for the future and ecological concerns is simply unthinkable. We must realize the extent of the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. However, such an impact is far from a fatality. Solutions exist and are being implemented every day. Technological advances are not made at the cost of creativity or environmental ressources. Quite the opposite : innovative materials and methods that are more respectful of our ecosystem and human rights are usable right now. 

Smart Creation allows you to discover green fashion innovations. This includes novelties that will shape the future of fashion… And can be implemented today. In hall 3, you will be met with over 60 exhibitors. They will showcase their inventive, eco-friendly materials, their connected products, their creative processes… Première Vision Paris only selects creative businesses that focus on creating original collections… And ethical businesses with excellent reputations, and an irreproachable, quality service. It gathers 160 exhibitors with a “responsible approaches”. This implies a strong social and environmental responsibility from the business… As well as the sourcing of materials, the use of innovative fabrics… 

The green revolution can also be connected. This is proven by Première Vision Paris. It must, however, be taken into account from day one. The trade show involves a great number of invested participants. It also plans oral presentations about the environmental stakes of future fashion. Cycles of 20 conferences around new trends will allow you to decrypt the new collections and current challenges. 

Première Vision Paris will take place at the Parc d’Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte, 95975 Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, from February 11th to February 13th 2020.