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The Roger Anger | Le Corbusier Architectures – Photo exhibition

Galerie Joseph, the specialist in the rental of atypical spaces in the Marais, hosted the photo exhibition by Philippe Vigoureux. This exhibition took place from 22 to 22 September, around the works of Roger Anger and Le Corbusier. These two renowned architects designed buildings in different countries of the world.

An appointment for lovers of photography and architecture

Lovers of photography and architecture had the opportunity to discover the most remarkable works of Roger Anger and Le Corbusier. Indeed, constructions from the most classic to the most original and innovative were highlighted during this exhibition. Having started his career in 1975, Philipe Vigoureux has always remained faithful to the old school. Indeed, he used a Leica camera and a 50mm lens. This allowed him to immortalize very realistic shots that illustrate all the details of the buildings.