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The art exhibition “Portraits of Stars” in Paris

At the Galerie Joseph, the art exhibition “Portraits de Stars” in Paris gives an appointment to the fans of Hollywood’s actors and actresses who managed to conquer Hollywood. From July 19 to Septembre 1, you will discover authentic and original portraits, as well as photographies, shown for the first time to the public thanks to the heritage of negatives of the Fuente Collection.

Two majors American photographers

This art exhibition in Paris revolves around two major photographers : Milton H. Greene and Harry Langdon Jr. These professional photographers of stars have witnessed actors and the history of cinema in Hollywood. From Marilyn Monroe, Kim Bassinger to George Clooney, almost all Hollywood celebrities had the opportunity to work with Milton H. Greene and Harry Langdon Jr. For some of them, they discovered them, since is with them that they made their first photo shoot. Thanks to Milton H. Greene and Harry Langdon Jr, these movie icons have been able to engrave their names in the memories of cinema fans.

A unique exhibition space in Paris

The art exhibition takes place in Paris, in the Joseph Froissart Gallery, in the heart of the Marais. This atypical space of 300m2, spread over several levels, enjoys exceptional brightness thanks to its showcase of 12m linear. This former industrial space has been redesigned into an art gallery by a Japanese interior designer. The Froissart gallery will seduce you with its design and contemporary furniture.

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Why attend?

“Portraits of Stars @ of the Fuente Collection” is a waking and attractive journey to a past but still alive time, a time of Art, Pop, culture and cinema. Thus, you will discover all the photos that come from the wide heritage of negatives belonging to the “Fuente Collection” whose prints have never been exposed before. Galerie Joseph has the absolute exclusivity to exhibit in Paris.