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In Greek mythology, nectar was a divine honey-based beverage that gave immortality to those who drank it. drank it.

Here, no mythology, but a surprising and generous culinary experience, offered in the form of a well-orchestrated ritual, from service to plate. 

The restaurant is nestled in the Maison Mère Hotel, close to Square Montholon in Paris’s 9th arrondissement, and offers two spaces: the first is long, with a planted wall and leather banquettes, while the second is cosier, a sort of small salon with sober decor.  

Here, chef Aurélien Lasjuilliarias, a native of the Drôme region of France, has worked in the kitchens of Marc Veyrat and the George V before opening his own restaurant and taking us on a voyage of discovery through a skilful blend of earth, sea, vegetable and sweet dishes. His creativity is boundless, and the presentation of the dishes alone is a veritable sensory voyage.

The menu changes every 6 weeks, adapting to the seasons and to the Chef’s whims, which can sometimes destabilise diners. Aurélien Lasjuilliarias likes to surprise with recipes based on game or offal, but prepared in a gastronomic way.

Comfortably seated in the small lounge, we begin this tasting marathon full of flavour discoveries.

Amuse-bouche, carrot juice, coriander, pepper, combawa. The tone is set from the outset.

Petit beurre noisette infused with vanilla to tide us over, the advantage of these appetisers and entre-plats is continuous service.

We start with 3 hors d’oeuvres made up of a plate that seems simple at first glance, and yet on tasting, the precision of these candied tomatoes, sweet and vegetal, herbaceous, comforts us and takes us back to our already distant summer.

Next, a zucchini tart with seed praline and shortcrust pastry, a highly original blend of sweet and savoury.

Also, a smoked eel taco. A sort of sweet between strength and freshness, very pleasant in the mouth. This is not fusion cuisine, but a gentle blend of multiple influences and a surprisingly accurate balance of seasonings.

The journey continues….

When reading the menu, there are always dishes that attract you more than others, and I was eager to discover the starter, entitled “Bord de Mer”: Couteaux, poulpe, cacahuète coco. I wasn’t disappointed, as this appetiser takes us to Asia by way of Brittany. Once again, it’s all about precision and balance. A delight that made me want to ask for a second plate, just for the pleasure of it…

This was followed by a bonito tartare served in a cabbage leaf and an incredible eggplant, yellow fruit and Kyoto miso sabayon. If only for this eggplant, with its absolutely stunning taste, and, of course, for this famous “Bord de mer”, a visit to the Nectar restaurant is a must. 

The demonstration of this precision continues and ends on a high note with “simple” plum verbena thym, a sweet and original norman hole before the arrival of the simply delicious fig dessert. 

We have the impression that the menu has been designed to take us gently up and gently down, like a dinner that goes on and on…

A wonderful surprise, and a passionate chef, accompanied by his Mixologist and Sommelier, Alix Duchaud, who has no shortage of nerve. 


Restaurant Nectar – Hôtel Maison Mère, 

7 rue Mayran, 75009 Paris