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France – Rilly-sur-Loire 

In the heart of the village of Rilly-sur-Loire, in the Loir-et-Cher region, nestles the Château de la Haute Borde. Part guest house, part artistic residence, this former 19th-century residence has been brought up to date by artistic directors Cécile Simon and Céline Barrière. Private tour. 

Inside the five bedrooms of the building – once owned by antique dealer Jacques Barrère – craftsmanship plays an important role. Pieces of furniture and works of art meticulously sourced by the owners, decorator and antique dealer Julie Barrau and designer Erin Korus, blend seamlessly with noble materials such as the marble and ceramics on the bathroom walls and the cocciopesto on the floors.

Every year, the Château de la Haute Borde is transformed into a place of encounters and exchanges. During their residencies, artists are invited to discuss with guests at creative workshops and a variety of festive events. Painter Antoine Carbonne, composer Claude Violante, film director Kenza Meunier, ceramist Emmanuelle Roule… many artistic souls have passed through here and still haunt the walls of the residence. And there’s more to come. 

Sharing also means gastronomy at CHB. As with the artists, every month the duo calls on chefs in residence to treat their guests. Last season, Zuri Camille de Souza, as well as Marine Gora – cofounder of Gramme – and Alice Arnoux took over the château’s stoves. During the two dinners reserved for them, the chefs cook exclusively with local, seasonal produce.

Château de la Haute Borde is an invitation to nature, just two hours from Paris. What are your summer plans? 

Le Château de la Haute Borde 
6, la Haute-Borde, Rilly-sur-Loire

Marine Mimouni