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True nature enthusiasts, Thomas Firh, Nicolas Legras and Baptiste Picard-Deyme founded Les Others Magazine in 2012. A few years after its creation, the trio wanted to launch a podcast similar to Transfert – an original creation by Slate audio. They came up with a brilliant idea: to create a “Transfert de l’aventure”

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With the help of filmmaker and podcast author Camille Juzeau, the founders brainstorm a way to get as close as possible to adventure, the real thing. In 2018, Les Baladeurs was born. Bordering on the documentary, the podcast highlights intimate stories that prove to be genuine sources of learning and inspiration. Original music, created especially for the episodes, allows listeners to feel the emotions experienced by each protagonist during his or her journey.

When the story of adventurer Apolline Convain fell into Thomas’s hands, it seemed like an obvious choice: “We hadn’t really touched on the subject of contemplative hiking in Les Baladeurs. Apolline’s adventure in Lebanon was the perfect opportunity. After initial telephone exchanges, the hiker’s adventure was selected for the new season of audio creation.”  

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In the episode “Alone through Lebanon”, Apolline Convain deconstructs the stereotypes of solo travel. During her gap year, which she decides to spend in Beirut, Apolline dreams of adventure from her balcony. After a few days’ reflection, she set off on the Lebanon Mountain Trail – a 470 km trail crossing Lebanon from north to south. From the village of Rachaya to the Qadisha Valley, the hiker recounts in forty-five minutes her many encounters, discoveries and even her fears as she traverses the Mount Lebanon mountain range.  

Listen Les Baladeurs on Lesothers.com

Marine Mimouni