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How to get your works into the art gallery?

Reputable galleries and art dealers often receive an overwhelming amount of commissions from artists they wish to represent and promote. To make an art gallery want to work with you, and bring in your works, you will have to stand out. We give you some tips to follow to the letter.

Start an art gallery

Find a gallery for you: type “art galleries” into a search engine, followed by the name of the region or city that interests you. For a more precise search, you can add artistic families (Art Brut, Figurative, Abstract, etc.). Examples: Museum of Abstract Art in Bordeaux, Figurative Museum in Annecy. You can also browse the online gallery directory. You can also check the website of specific galleries and exhibiting artists on their website to make sure the works shown are close to yours. Finally, contact the gallery. No recipe. Different gallery owners have different approaches. However, please refrain from suddenly announcing that you will be exhibiting soon.

Go on site

When you go to an art gallery to contemplate his works, you have to be interested in them and wait for the gallery owner to approach you. Important point: above all, do not show him our book if he has not asked us.

Mistakes not to make

If you want to send a book or photos by mail, avoid this. The gallery owner does not generally return the documents. When you are in Paris, favor emails and attendance at openings to get to know the artists of the gallery. In the region, do not hesitate to establish local contact by regularly visiting the galleries that interest you.

Tips for approaching galleries when you are an artist

Avoid canvassing galleries by going with your portfolio to a gallery without knowing it and without having made an appointment, you risk falling ill. You can start by calling by asking the ritual question “am I disturbing you”.
Don’t forget to look at the gallery’s website.