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How to exhibit your photos in an art gallery

One of the most difficult things for photos to do in an art gallery is to promote their work. With so much competition, social networks or discussion forums are no longer the way to build a reputation and showcase your work. However, there are some excellent ways to overcome this difficulty and showcase your work in a gallery. While many of these solutions are not easy to implement, there are things you can do to help yourself along the way.

Here are ten tips for these, but remember that this process will not happen overnight. Each of these techniques will present you with different opportunities, and often one will lead to the other, so you need to take this approach seriously.

10 tips for exhibiting art gallery photos

Pay for your exhibition

Build relationships with art galleries

Are your prints ready to be exhibited

Build strong social media links

Be present on video platforms (like Youtube, Vimeo)

Share everywhere!

Define your vision

Do your research

Take it step by step

Think outside the gallery

Pay for your space

Paying for your own exhibition in a gallery is the easiest and cheapest option. Obviously you have to pay for your space, but it allows you to face an audience of potential buyers. Jordan notes, however, that it will take time to build an audience that will want to pay to see and buy your photographs. As a new artist, people don’t know you or value your work yet. So it’s a long-term investment. Joseph galleries are the ideal space for your photography exhibitions.

Building relationships

Building relationships and networking is vital in everything we do, not just in organizing an exhibition. You never know who you might come into contact with and potentially help you get your work out there. But it is in your interest to build relationships with those you know. Building strong relationships will benefit you in many ways, besides exhibiting your photos. For example, it can be a way to make business connections.


You can enter contests that some galleries run. If you win, your photos will be exhibited for free. However, as Jordan mentions, you need to have your own style. If your photos look like everything else out there, your chances of winning a competition are slim. This is why you need to define your vision and present a set of photos that will be “consistent” with each other.