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Why renting a space in the Marais this summer (1/2)

The Marais is a historic district of Paris, rich in culture and heritage, that attracts visitors from all over the world. If you’re looking to host an event or open a pop-up store this summer, renting a space in the Marais can offer many benefits. Here are some reasons why you should consider renting your space in the Marais this summer.

secret place Marais

A lively neighborhood, ideal for strolling in the open air

The Marais is a vibrant neighborhood that offers a multitude of activities for locals and tourists alike. Stores, restaurants, and bars line the streets, while squares and parks offer relaxing spaces to unwind outdoors. This means that if you rent a space in the Marais for your event or pop-up store, you can be sure that you will attract a large and varied audience.

The district offers numerous gardens and small charming courtyards. They can be discovered between old buildings and private mansions. Among these secret green spaces are the Charles Victor Langlois Square, the Potager des Oiseaux (Birds’ Garden) and the Jardin des Rosiers Joseph Migneret… Ideal for a break after a shopping trip or a visit to a gallery! Just a stone’s throw from the popular Café de la Perle, you’ll also find the Parc de l’Hôtel Salé – Léonor Fini, for afternoon sunbathing.

And if you’re looking for more lively spaces, the Place des Vosges will offer you a green space that is both an architectural jewel and an iconic meeting place of the capital

Events all summer long

Beyond walking, the Marais offers a multitude of activities that attract Parisians and tourists throughout the summer. If you are planning to settle in the Marais, take a look at our overview of the summer events. Indeed, it is always interesting to take the pulse of the place you invest, even temporarily, to make a success of your event or your pop-up store… And why not create synergies? 

Fête de la musique, June 21

An annual national celebration, the Fête de la Musique is a unique opportunity to party in the streets and attend a variety of concerts. Whether you like jazz, rock or techno, you’re bound to find something to your liking on the night of the summer solstice. To find out what’s going on in the Marais, you can check out the activities here.

Paris Pride March, June 24

If the route of the Parisian “Pride” is not yet known, it is rare that it does not pass in or around the Marais, before ending nearby, place de la République or Bastille. The district is indeed known to be frequented by the LGBTQIA+ community. Moreover, the district comes alive and is decorated with rainbow colors throughout the month of Pride, which makes it all the more lively and attractive.

Fnac Live Festival, from June 28 to 30

An annual event on the square in front of the Hôtel de Ville, the Fnac Live Festival, co-organized by the City of Paris, offers a series of free concerts over three days, bringing together artists from both the French and international scenes. 

Programming to come here from June 6th.

Firemen’s Ball, July 13

If the Marais is not ideal to watch the fireworks on July 14th, you can always enjoy the firemen’s ball which takes place every year on the occasion of the national holiday. In the Marais, the barracks of 7 rue de Sévigné will be transformed into a dance floor on July 13th… For a night of celebration with the firemen. 

European Young Talent Festival, from July 3 to 23

Mainly located in the Marais this year, the 22nd edition of the European Young Talents Festival brings together the most brilliant classical musicians awarded at international competitions. These young instrumentalists will perform at the Holy Cross Cathedral of the Armenians and at the National Archives for a series of free and paying concerts.

Paris Summer Festival, from July 10th to 30th 

The Paris l’été Festival offers major artistic and cultural events throughout Paris and its region. Theater, dance, circus, music, performances and plastic installations take over many well-known or unusual places in the capital, most often outdoors and outside the traditional performance venues. National monuments, schools, parks and gardens, museums, swimming pools, squares, churches… are invested in a friendly and festive spirit. A very varied public in prospect thus. If the program is not known yet, we already know that in the Marais, the festival will invest the Carreau du Temple.

Conclusion part 1

All in all, renting a space in the Marais for your event or pop-up store can be a great decision to take advantage of the unique atmosphere and the audiences attracted by the various events that punctuate the neighborhood during the summer. But there are many other reasons why it makes sense to rent in the Marais this summer, to discover in our next article