In the context of an unprecedented health crisis, masks have invaded our daily lives and also revolutionized fashion and beauty trends. But it is difficult to know what is really hidden behind those masks. We can guess at a luscious mouth highlighted with lipstick, or a fine nose studded with freckles, but who would think […]



Emerging French brand EGONLab dresses all morphologies, all genders, and all ages with timeless pieces revisited in the light of their contemporaneity. True to their iconoclastic DNA, these self-described visual artists offer an urban punk wardrobe. Superimposing masculine and feminine, modernity and historical know-how, durability and creativity, they create clothes as a hymn to the […]

Digital, 3D creations, and NFT at the crossroads of a new art

NFTs have been in troubled waters for the past few months, encountering turbulence from Wikipedia, which refuses toaffiliate these digital tokens to the field of art, and the brands that fear more counterfeiting, not to mention the Picasso family, which is torn about the digitalization of certain works of the painter (in particular around a […]