Fromental dresses the walls


Founded in 2005 by Tim Butcher and Lizzie Deshayes, the London-based company creates wallpaper using traditional techniques that have been preserved in China’s Wuxi region, the heart of the silk industry. It is there that their designs are painted and embroidered by hand. In addition to the traditional 18th-century chinoiseries, which have earned them the […]

Perfumery: Dries Van Noten unveils 10 new fragrances with floral notes 

Dries Van Noten

Non-gendered, these fragrances break industry conventions. “What do you feel when you walk through a garden? How do you translate a feeling, or an emotion?” are questions that Dries Van Noten has been exploring in his collections for decades. Notes of orange, iris, rose, vetiver, and patchouli fill the bottles of the Belgian label. Inspired […]

Air Yacht: who has never wanted to travel in a flying boat? 

Air Yatch

The future is sometimes unpredictable… What if the yacht of tomorrow was in the air? A businessman living in Germany and Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini want to combine the DNA of an airship and a luxury boat to make the most unique private transportation of all time. Equipped with solar panels and eight counter-rotating electric […]

 IRO : Japanese design through the prism of colors


In the Land of the Rising Sun, colors (iro) have been used to mark rank and social hierarchy since the 7th century. Since then, these chromatic meanings have evolved and have been extended to several types of objects. This book, written by Rossella Menegazzo, a specialist in photography, graphic design, and Japanese art, published by […]

James Tralie, director of nostalgia 

James Tralie

Marseille, nature, and nostalgia. These are the three elements that animate the work of American James Tralie. The young artist’s digital worlds have been noticed on Instagram, invaded by water and vegetation. His creativity is inspired by his stay in the Phocaean city during his studies and catalyzed by the confinement imposed by Covid-19, during […]

The Second Life : Green Shopping

The second life

A new concept that allows you to sell clothes you no longer use, the application The Second Life is shaking up the codes of consumption towards more sustainable fashion.

One line drawing

One line drawing

They are everywhere. These drawings composed of a single line, covering ceramics, decorative objects, clothes and even bodies, thanks to tattooing. It’s called “one line drawing” and its beginnings are not new…