Perfume trends from 1990 to today 


The exuberance of the 80s is followed by the ambivalence of the 90s, between pleasure and purity. Marketing and globalization permeate the following decades. A context in the shadow of which emerges the niche perfumery.  Ecology, AIDS… In search of purity, the 90s saw the birth of a serene sensuality, far from the exacerbated sensuality […]

Fromental dresses the walls


Founded in 2005 by Tim Butcher and Lizzie Deshayes, the London-based company creates wallpaper using traditional techniques that have been preserved in China’s Wuxi region, the heart of the silk industry. It is there that their designs are painted and embroidered by hand. In addition to the traditional 18th-century chinoiseries, which have earned them the […]

Brodie Neill reenchants furniture

Although the studio of Brodie Neill is now in London, he has never forgotten that he was born in Tasmania. His latest creation, the aptly named ReCoil table, evokes a return to his roots, as well as the coils of wood of which it is composed. The material carries the very identity of the Australian […]

Lucas Leffler, experimental photographer


In the digital age, he returns to the sources of photography. As an alchemist, he brings back the stories of the past and uses the material to transform them into modern fables.

The return of wool in design

laine dans le design

The real and the beautiful, such is the trend in decoration. Between traditional know-how and innovation, wool finds new uses and diversifies with art.