The rebirth of the Samaritan

It is the emblem of the Parisian Belle Époque. After sixteen years hidden under tarpaulins, the Samaritaine finally reveals itself to us and opens the doors of its luminous lair! A long-awaited rebirth of the department store, owned by LVMH, conceived as an extension of the modern spirit of the founding couple and turned towards […]

Fashion shows: a bit of optimism in Nicolas Di Felice’s first collection

For his first collection at the head of Courrèges, Nicolas Di Felice, the new artistic director, was inspired by the joyful heritage of the famous fashion house to project it into an optimistic future. The young prodigy has succeeded in creating a coherent and unmissable collection that reflects the expectations of our time.

Is fashion moving away from the notion of gender?

Fashion is reflecting an era that is increasingly freeing itself from gender norms: after the unisex wardrobe, it is now time for “gender fluid” fashion, which consists of freely navigating from a man’s to a woman’s wardrobe to play with sexual identities and use every possible means to define one’s style.