Clubhouse, the new application disrupting the world of social media

The latest social network, Clubhouse, is generating a worldwide craze that is now spreading to France. Beyond its exponential growth and the possible new trend, will this new medium manage to define a new way of communicating in the universe of digital interactions, and restore more authentic exchanges far from the hateful comments that abound […]

Bottega Veneta deserts social networks

Bottega Veneta

Radical! In this digital age, Bottega Veneta deleted its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts on January 6th, without any comment from Daniel Lee, the company’s artistic director.

Digital clothing : the virtual invites itself into our dressing room

Often criticized for its environmental impact, fashion is renewing itself and opening up to a new, more digital era. In this context of accelerating digitization, innovations are emerging in line with new consumer practices. Among the latest to date is the appearance of entirely virtual clothing designed solely for social networks. Zoom on these new […]