Mac Collins

At just 26 years old, Britain’s Mac Collins has made his mark on the spirit of the new Saltzman Prize. This new initiative in partnership with the Design Museum in London celebrates the innovation of emerging designers in recognition of the legacy of designer Ralph Saltzman. It’s no surprise that Mac Collins is the recipient […]

Fomes: when the mushroom is pretending to be a deer 


Used in the handicrafts of eastern Transylvania, tinder has found a new life in the hands of designer Mari Koppanen. Traditionally used for its resemblance to suede, treated and used in the manufacture of bags and hats, this strange material is now invited into the furniture collection “Fomes.” It consists of two seats with generous […]

 Connie-Connie, the Danish café with 25 stools 


To design its café, the Danish gallery Copenhagen Contemporary called on the TABLEAU studio. They also utilized other talents to design the seating for Connie-Connie: 25 artists, architects, and designers, both established and emerging, designed their own chair and bench for the establishment. The special thing about these pieces is that they were all made […]

 Luteca. When Mexican design comes to Paris


While the focus is on Italian and Scandinavian design, Luteca has fallen in love with the Mexican and Latin American scene. Since its inception in 2015 in New York, the gallery has confirmed the richness of this still-undiscovered artistic sphere. A publisher of furniture designed by great masters of the 20th century, the company surrounds […]

 Gal Gaon’s sculptural design

Gal Gaon

Trained in architecture, it is with the eye of an artist that the Israeli designer, Gal Gaon, imagines his pieces. His tables, desks, and benches subtly navigate between the organic forms of sculpture and the functional structure of furniture. Nature is at the center of his creations. Each piece is unique, carved, and manufactured in […]

 Design in Belgium: three new places to discover in 2022 


From the museum to the coffee shop, design invites itself in Belgium in all spaces. A creative emulation that Acumen magazine reveals to you through three new locations to visit … without delay! The Faina showroom in Antwerp Founded in 2006 by Ukrainian architect Victoria Yakusha, Faina is a multidisciplinary studio rooted in the country’s […]

The geometric colors of Daria Zinovatnaya

Daria Zinovatnaya

“Since my work is based on the use of color, I wanted to make this rug collection bright and unusual, connecting different planes of color in one composition. I think this rug collection turned out to be interesting and supremacist,” said Daria Zinovatnaya on the occasion of her collaboration with the Spanish carpet publishing house […]

Who is Gab Bois, behind the brioche Camaleonda that has gone viral? 

Gab Bois

Last January, the irreverent Estonian rapper Tommy Cash sent the web into a frenzy with a picture of himself sitting on a baked sofa. The connoisseurs’ eyes easily recognized the legendary sofa designed by B&B Italia in 1970 by Mario Bellini. But who was behind this unexpected (and happy) crossover between this design icon and […]

The New Raw: design with a zero-waste objective 

Turning plastic waste into a responsible raw material is the mission of The New Raw, a Rotterdam-based design studio launched by architects Panos Sakkas and Foteini Setaki in 2015. Their secret weapon? Design, robots, and craftsmanship. The duo conceived their own digital production technique that is akin to 3D printing. The result evokes organic forms, […]

Six N. Five or the poetry of the virtual 

Sic N. Five

Just like its colleague Andrés Reisinger, Six N. Five is part of a generation of artists and designers who know how to make 3D digital creation an artform taken seriously by their contemporaries. A recognition accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, and ratified by the arrival of the precious NFT, giving the creations of the metaverse […]