Xinyi Cheng: new darling in Paris

Xinyi Cheng

Much in demand in Europe, she just keeps accumulating exhibitions. After hanging her works on the walls of the François Pinault Trade Exchange, it is at Lafayette Anticipation that they will now be visible. Thus revealing her genius to the curious who come to intoxicate themselves with the talent of the famous Xinyi Cheng. Five […]

 Dolce & Gabbana invests the casa!

D&G Casa

If we fell in love with Smeg appliances designed by Dolce & Gabbana, the romance continues with their very first line of interior design called Dolce & Gabbana Casa.  Unveiled last August on the sidelines of their Venice show, this new label from the designer duo brightens up interiors with flair. It was after the […]

Lionel Potin: the man of the sands

Lionel Potin

His Instagram account soothes far more than a detox. Beige, sand, softness. A cocoon that he transposes with perfection in his art. Lionel Potin, after spending twelve years working in the fashion industry, has turned into a true artist in the space of a few months. His trademark? The textured sand that he integrates into […]

One line drawing

One line drawing

They are everywhere. These drawings composed of a single line, covering ceramics, decorative objects, clothes and even bodies, thanks to tattooing. It’s called “one line drawing” and its beginnings are not new…